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Words From a Happy Customer

Exceptional Workmanship

My son mentioned Jeffrey William Construction when we were looking for someone to do some work on our house. We had siding, windows, electrical work, etc. to be done.

Their workmanship is exceptional. Our windows, window sills, and trim were replaced. I loved their woodworking. They mitered the corners on the sills and the trim underneath so you couldn't see any end grain. When they put the trim around our cupboards, they matched the color to our cupboards perfectly. When putting in our front windows, they noticed no lintels had been put in at construction and made sure we had a mason put some in so we could avoid any problems in the future.

As it happened, they put in the windows just before the October storm which knocked out power for days around Western NY. When we woke up to no power we assumed, of course, that they wouldn't be showing up to do anything that day. Early that morning, they were fretting over the fact that they hadn't put any insulation around the windows the day before and apologizing for the inconvenience. They finished putting the insulation around the windows that day before they left and again apologized for a situation they had no control over. Jeffrey William Construction is an extremely conscientious company.

Jeffrey William Construction does not cut corners. When the person they were working with didn't provide top quality gutters, they told him to do them again or Jeffrey William Construction would contract with someone else.

Every day before they left, they made sure the area was cleaned. We both highly recommend Jeffrey William Construction for any work to be done.

- John and Patricia G.