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You get what you pay for - Quality and Service!

"You get what you pay for!"

Such an old cliché, but it works so well. Recently we had our kitchen remodeled, August 2009, and we couldn't be happier with the finished product. This is the second time that we had Jeffrey William Construction Co. do some remodeling for us. Four years ago it was our upstairs bathroom and it also came out beautifully.

In March, 2009, my wife and I decided that we had the financial means to remodel our kitchen and we contacted Jeffrey William Construction. We then inquired as to what we needed to do beforehand. They were thorough and upfront about cost, materials and the time table for such an undertaking. They warned us that there will always be some minor adjustments along the way and no truer words were spoken. Each time there was a minor change in plans the outcome was always an improvement. It was difficult for us to envision all the details necessary before such a project gets started, but they were patient and listened to what we wanted to have done. Often times they gave insightful perspectives that we did not foresee.

They are cabinet makers and their skills and attention to detail reveal that they really do enjoy building, and finishing wood cabinets. They know the different nuances of the various types of wood and the ability to stain them. They are also very creative and thoughtful in resolving building difficulties in an imperfect house. They laid out the walls, cabinets and flooring excellently.

Each day they arrived about when they said they would be there and they completed the various tasks that we scheduled. They had an accurate and comprehensive plan on how to tackle the entire project. They were honest and straightforward and that in itself is refreshing when dealing with any contractor.

In conclusion I would recommend the Jeffrey William Construction Company to anyone who appreciates a quality job and is willing to pay a fair price.

- James and Mary Ann R.